Upcoming Events

Miracle & Healing Service – 14/12/19 – 11am – 1pm
Christmas Carol Service – 15/12/19 – 5pm – 8pm
Special Prayer Night – Theme: No Carry Over – 20/12/19 – 10.30pm – 1.30am


Theme of December - No Carry Over

Therefore say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; There shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done, saith the Lord GOD.
Ezekiel 12:28



Welcome to the RCCG Glory of God Parish, Bristol
Theme of 2019: Arise, shine Isaiah 60:1


Our Vision, Mission & Values

We are a multi-cultural church whose primary focus is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Bristol, South West England and across the world.


Pastor Fatai Kasali is the senior pastor of RCCG, Glory of God Parish, Bristol. Pastor Kasali is a visionary and a lover of practical Christianity. He is a mentor and a father to many. His greatest belief is that one of the biggest weapons that God has given to man to influence his destiny is the power of PRAYER.

Honey Tots Day Nursery

The Honey Tots Day Nursery is the nursery school owned by the RCCG Glory of God Parish.

G.O. Prophecy for 2019

The General Overseer Pastor E A Adeboye gave biblical references as the prophecies for the Year 2019. This was split into three areas – individual, Nigeria, the world and his church, RCCG.

Service Times

Interested In Experiencing Our Worship Service? Our doors and hearts are always open. We have a variety of weekly services and special programmes. Come and be blessed. We look forward to meeting you.

Prayer Requests

Submit your ‘Prayer Request’ and let’s join you in prayers.


Men, Women & Single's Ministries

Mens, womens and singles ministries

Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry is made up of all children within the church between the ages of 0 to 18. The Boy’s & Girl’s Brigade is also part of our Children’s Ministry.

Evangelism & Outreach

The Vision of the Evangelism Department is to see every individual member of Glory of God Parish, Bristol have a passion for soul winning.

Prayer Warriors

Prayer warriors are people who are known for regularly interceding on behalf of others before God. We are a group of individuals who are dedicated to praying for the vision and mandate of the church.

House Fellowship

House Fellowship is a mandate, instituted by the Lord Jesus, to care for your spiritual growth and development; and to meet all your welfare needs.

Choir & Drama

Our diverse worship team is comprised of several talented singers and exceptional instrumentalists who deliver dynamic praise & worship and special ministrations during our Sunday worship service.

Operational Support

Operational Support – Communications, Technical & Media and Ushers – These teams work together to ensure that each service runs smoothly.

Special Programs

RCCG Glory of God, Parish Bristol have a number of special programmes which run throughout the year. These are made up of our monthly Miracles & Healing Service, Mothers Pray Together, Prayer for the Fruit of the Womb & African Mission. Come and be blessed!

Prayer Bulletin

Monthly prayer bulletin.


Book store

Purchase books written by Pastor F Kasali, head pastor of RCCG, Glory of God Parish, Bristol.

Open heavens

The open heavens is a daily devotional guide to close fellowship with God.

Audio message

Audio messages and sermons from Glory of God Parish, Bristol

Video sermons

Video messages and sermons from Glory of God Parish, Bristol

Photo gallery

Pictures of events and church services.

Upcoming Events