G.O. Prophecy for 2020

Prophecy for 2020 – INDIVIDUAL (RCCG)

For every individual in RCCG, this is going to be a year of series of joy, series of victory, also a year of series of battles but you will win. The battle is not yours, it will be victory after victory.

Prophecy for 2020 – INTERNATIONAL

This year unless you pray very hard, it is going to behave like a child that is having a convulsion. Earth Quake and volcanoes that have been dormant for years will erupt, the reason is due to SIN. SIN is becoming more rampant.

There will also be a change of government all over the world, some of the changes will be peaceful, and some will not…

There’s going to be fasting this year and it not going to start until January 11. So you can still enjoy yourself for now.

This year, He will answer prayers.

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