Special Programs

Miracles & Healing Service

This is a monthly service which occurs on the second Saturday of each month. A vision of Pastor Kasali, these powerful services provide an opportunity for you to receive personal prayer and healing for whatever it is you are believing God for. The Holy Spirit comes in these meetings powerfully, and many people are healed.

If you need healing or are trusting God for your miracle then come and join us.

Mothers Pray Together

This is a quarterly program for mothers and mothers to be where women get together to pray for their children, their homes, their health and other key issues. The program is hosted by Pastor Mrs Kasali and has become something that all women look forward to. Each program has guest pastors and ministers who assist in leading the women in prayer. The program has become a powerful forum where mothers bring before the Lord issues affecting their homes.

Fruit of the Womb

This program is dedicated to those who are trusting God to add to their family. The sessions are run by Pastor Mrs Kasali who works closely with the individuals in the program encouraging them through prayer. We also hold night vigils and fasting sessions specifically for the fruit of the womb. God has been faithful and many have become mothers to the glory of God.

African Mission

The African Mission is a small UK charity with the aim of fighting disease and poverty in Africa by supporting educational and medical projects. The Glory of God Parish, Bristol supports this work by taking donations and holding fund-raising events to raise awareness of the cause. Further information can be found at the following website: African Mission